Women’s Circles

We are encouraging the formation of women’s groups with a maximum of 8 members
each, with the intent of getting to know each other beyond small talk.
Initially, the focus will be to discuss our thoughts, feelings, and experiences
around aging and its increasing challenges. Confidentiality will be of utmost
importance and some ground rules around listening and communication will be
offered. Contact Jane Walker if you are interested at nikojane@bell.net



Probus Ski LEGENDS is made up of members of all area Probus Clubs (and some from out of town), who enjoy skiing and socializing. Each local Probus has hard working volunteer representatives on the over-all Legends executive, currently 20 strong, from a base of 11 local clubs. We negotiate privileged rates from service providers, arrange Ski Days, and Ski Trips, plan various social activities, and for those who wish, have guest memberships at Toronto Ski Club (TSC). TSC offers a starting point, a good place to have lunch, and a great bar and deck.  We encourage LEGENDS to take their Coffee Break about 10.30 am, week days, at Blue Mountains Central Base Lodge, and to welcome others to join them. We will be issuing each LEGEND stickers for helmets and skis, so they can be easily recognized, and can meet others on the lifts and at coffee break (check out the helmets on the tables).  We believe in “mix and meet”…..don’t ski alone! All this for a $20 membership fee. See our website which is continually being updated with all pertinent information.  Check us out at htpp://www.ProbusSki Legends.ca.

John Holden

Ladies Lunch Group(s)

Socialize and enjoy a relaxing lunch at some local restaurants

Tuesday or Thursdays, once a month


Ollie Rowe

 Carol Riches

Helen Coleman


September sign up



Dinner Club

Dinner group

Sign up at the next General Meeting

Designed for people to get to know each other by dining in each others’ homes. At the sign up time you can state your preference for 6 or 8 people in your group. Singles welcome. Beth and Martha decide which people are in which groups. This is based on who you may have been with last time. We try to mix people up. This is a 6 month switch over. The groups then decide: pot luck or host cooks all; eat out or take out; gourmet cooking or casual; theme dining or not e.g. Greek, Italian etc, who will host first meal at whose house etc. You are only limited by your imagination. The aim is fellowship not necessarily fine dining, you decide. Be creative and have fun.

Contact:   Bill Rowe