Get comfortable with your favourite beverage.  Wear whatever you want because we
will be using the ZOOM WEBINAR Platform.  This allows us to hear each other at times,
but we won’t see each other.
Laughing a little more while worrying a little less was easier said than done in 2020!
We’re all in these tough times together and many of us feel anxious and isolated.  In
this interactive and informative session, we will give each other permission to giggle,
and even laugh out loud.  As we have fun exploring our unique “resiliency funprints”, we
will focus on well-being strategies within our control, to consider as we all move forward
into the winter and spring and summer — one day at a time.

Sue Stephenson’s life themes and passions include laughter, trust, positive psychology,
happiness and humour.  She is well known with her roots in education as a leader with
retirees. Sue is an award-winning speaker and loves ZOOM!  She is the author of three
books, the most recent being Kidding Around: connecting kids to happiness, laughter
and humour.
She currently devotes her professional time as President and Founder of Stand UP for
Student Well-Being, a Canadian charity with a team of Comedian Coaches that works
with children and youth from ages 11-17 in an arts and literacy focused program using
healthy humour, now entirely in a virtual online world.