A very informative and interesting HONDA Plant Tour in Alliston, was enjoyed by two groups on October 17th.  Some interesting points shared were as follows:

There are 2 Plant facilities in Allison, employing 4200 associates. The dress code of all employees/associates is white, with shirts and pants cleaned and supplied daily by HONDA, with your name embroidered on the shirt.
Each section is a team environment, which rotates the designated work functions throughout their shift. Executives and office staff, participate in working on the line if required. It is a non unionized environment.

The production, for both Plant 1 and 2 are destined for Canadian and US markets.
Daily, Plant 1 produces 820 Civics , while Plant 2 produces 870 CR-V’s.

If interested, small group tours can be arranged for numbers of 1-20.