Over the last few months our expenses have been low because of the cancellation of meetings and so we have built up our cash reserve. Added to that is the fact that we do not know how many meetings we will end up having in the 2020-2021 season. After reviewing our cash reserve, the Management Committee has decided that we can afford to waive annual fees altogether for next year.

If you have already submitted your application form and a cheque, we will destroy your cheque – unless requested otherwise. If you have not yet submitted your application form for next year, please continue to send in your application (minus the cheque) if you wish to continue membership for next year. All members must have submitted an application form in order to continue membership. If you have previously advised us that you will not be continuing your membership next year, please confirm that this is still the case based on this new information.


Considering the circumstances, we will not accept any new members this summer as we normally would. We will reconsider new members in the summer of 2021.

Meetings and activities will resume when government regulations and safety considerations warrant it. It seems likely that smaller and safer events and activities will resume prior to the monthly meetings. Since this precludes the option of signing up at meetings, please pay attention to Newsletters and Weekly Updates to keep up to date on those plans. When activities are being re-launched we will identify the leader and their coordinates so that you can contact the person directly to make sure you are on the mailing list for all communications and cheques can be mailed or delivered to the coordinator of the program, if appropriate.


It is our intention to continue with the AGM as scheduled on June 18 though in the form of a Zoom web-conference. The AGM is usually a 15 minute event, so we will also record that and post it on the website (private area) and facebook group.


Thanks for your support – stay safe


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