What an exciting time we all had playing and watching.  The White Owls played hard to defeat the Black Hawks.  The tension was high as the pros picked up their paddles and began to play.  What an excellent game everyone played while laughing and having fun.


Very serious warm up…


Many delicious appetizers, thank you to everyone for their contributions.



Mmm… will I win again this year?


Yes, we do have eye candy in our club…

Super Charlie

Laurie giving the paddle…

Black Hawks Team, Captain Derek in the back row.



White Owl Team. Captain Mike at the back left. The champions! And look there’s Sue at the front.


Carole, tournament organizer. The flowers are a big thank you for all her behind the scenes hard work.


White Owl Captain Mike receiving trophy for his team.


So how do we get 14 names on this small plaque? Any ideas?