What is PROBUS

PROBUS is a volunteer-based, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian fellowship organization with over 4,000 clubs worldwide, some 250 being Canadian clubs made up of over 35,000 members. Our clubs are all about encouraging healthy minds and bodies and socializing with other retirees in the community.

In PROBUS you’ll find a wealth of new experiences and a much-expanded social network. The opportunities abound in each club with awesome guest speakers, a broad range of interesting activities and social events, stimulating conversation and the chance to learn more about  your community,  and beyond  with new friends.

Who are the members of PROBUS Club of Mountain View

At PROBUS Club of Mountain View our members are men and women who are retired or nearly retired from a wide range of occupations.

Can I join as an individual or does my spouse/partner need to join too?

You can join as an individual as our club is open to all people, regardless of marital status, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other ground protected in the Human Rights Act.  However, if you have a partner, we encourage you to join together as it is only members who can attend meetings and/or sign up to join in activities and events with you.

Do I have to live in Collingwood?

Our membership base primarily draws from Collingwood, and the Blue Mountains.  If you reside in the South Georgian Triangle, we encourage you to consider joining.

Is it compulsory to participate in all activities?

Absolutely not, nor is attendance at meetings compulsory.  However, it is hoped that once you become a member you participate/volunteer in meetings and/or activities as that’s the best way to meet people and get involved.

How much does it cost to be a member?

The cost is $55 per person each year. There is a one-time initiation fee of $20.

When does Membership renewal take place?

Annual membership renewal takes place between March and June 1st each year.  After the club’s AGM, held the 2nd Thursday in June, membership may open to new members  to replace those who haven’t renewed.

How often are meetings and where are they held?

We hold our Regular Meetings on the second Thursday of each month.   We meet at the Collingwood Legion, 490 Ontario Street, Collingwood.

Are Guests allowed at the meetings?

We encourage members to bring Guests as it’s a great way for us to showcase our club. Many Guests like to get a sense of Club membership and activities before they commit to joining.  Guests can only attend once before applying for membership.

Does the Club do fundraising activities?

No. PROBUS Clubs do not do any fundraising. This is not the purpose of PROBUS.

I understand that PROBUS Club of Mountain View is currently full. Are there any other PROBUS Clubs in the area that I could join?

There are several other PROBUS Clubs in the area – some are mixed, others are Men’s or Ladies’ clubs. You can find contact information about these clubs by going online to PROBUS Canada at  https://www.PROBUScanada.ca/find-a-club


Can I pay for an event, join, or renew my membership any other way besides a cheque?

Our club is presently exploring software that will allow us to accept alternate payment methods.


If I’ve already paid for an event and something comes up and I can’t go, can I get a refund?

Generally, refunds are not given. The primary reason for this is that event organizers frequently make a non-refundable financial commitment to secure an event and need revenue from ticket sales from members to cover this.    If a member has paid for an event and finds they can’t attend, the member is encouraged to privately sell their ticket to another member or to check with the event organizer to see if there is a waiting list.  If there is, the member can approach someone on the list and make a private sale.