53 Eager boomers made the trip to Toronto to see the show Beautiful on August 16, and it was a great success. It was nice to have the comfort of the Hamilton luxury coach going down and back with the added touch of having a running commentary and trivia contests from Suzanne Hamilton to shorten the ride. The arrival was just 15 minutes before showtime, thanks to Toronto construction season. Thank goodness we did not have to look for parking.

The show exceeded expectations by all accounts. It was aided by the fact that we had the best seats in the house 3-4 rows from the front. After a great entertainment event, we were in need or refreshment… so off to The Hot House on Front Street. The weather was perfect for patio dining so we could eat and drink and watch all those busy Toronto people scurry about their busy lives. Cheers! The food and wine was excellent, and we did not have to worry about driving home.

Just when a nap might have threated to come on, they started showing the classic Carole King – James Taylor concert  Live at the Troubadour. Perfect ending to a perfect day!


Thanks Andja! This was a bit of a stretch from our normal events but it was a great success. Kudos! Now, can you start working on “Come from Away!”