What is PROBUS?

Probus clubs were first formed, as an acronym for Pro(fessional) and Bus(iness), in the early 1920’s. Probus Clubs worldwide are not service organizations and are non-sectarian and non-political, although members are largely active volunteers in many community organizations. Clubs are formed to provide social events and schedule speakers to keep members up to date with community issues and happenings. Many members have formed smaller interest groups for hobbies such as sports, entertainment, bridge playing, fishing, travel, computers, etc.

Who are the members?

At Probus Mountain View, our members are men and women who are retired or nearly-retired from a wide range of occupations.

What is the age range?

Our current members are 55+.

Does my spouse/partner need to join too?

Our Probus Mountain View Club is, by definition, a mixed Probus club. Therefore, applicants who are married, or in a relationship, are required to join together.

Do I have to live in Collingwood?

Most of our members live in Collingwood (since we are the Probus Mountain View, Collingwood Club). However, some of our members live in the nearby Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach, Duntroon, Meaford, Nottawa and Ravenna

Is it compulsory to participate in all activities?

Absolutely not, nor is attendance at meetings compulsory. You make the choice. However, as our club is full and other people would like to join, it is hoped that once you become a member that you will participate in meetings and/or activities whenever you are able.

How much are the annual dues?

The cost is $55 per person each year. There is also a onetime administration fee of $20.

How often are meetings and where are they held?

We hold our Regular Meetings on the second Thursday of each month except for December, when we hold a Christmas Party, and in July. We meet at the New Life Church in Collingwood, located at 28 Tracey Ln., from 9:45 a.m. until noon.

The program at our monthly meetings typically begins with some “gathering” time. About thirty minutes is taken up by club business and sixty minutes is devoted to a guest speaker. An in between break time allows an opportunity to meet with other members and to sign up for upcoming social activities. Members may bring guests to the monthly meetings, provided that any one guest attends only once.

Do you have any other activities?

Besides our monthly meetings, our Probus Mountain View Club is known for its active membership and abundance and variety of social activities that range from skiing to book clubs and golf tournaments.

Does the Club do fundraising activities?

No. Our Probus Club does not do any fundraising. This is not the purpose of Probus.

Where do I start if I am considering becoming a member of Probus Mountain View?

Our membership is currently full. Please check our website in June each year when we announce if there are any vacancies for new members.

When does the Club accept new members?

We renew our membership yearly in June.

I understand that Probus Mountain View is currently full. Are there any other Probus Clubs in the area that I could join?

Collingwood has 10 Probus clubs – some are mixed, others are also mixed or mens or ladies clubs. Wasaga Beach also has 6 Probus clubs. You can find the contact information for any of these clubs by going online to Probus Canada at http://www.probus.org/cnclbs.htm.



For more information see this brochure:   PROBUS brochure