This email is being sent on behalf of the Gudaitis family. Please see information below:

For all of the wonderful friends and family that would like to visit, please note that there will be come-and-go opportunities this week as follows: Monday March 18 at 3:30-4:30pm and Tuesday March 19 at 3:30-4:30pm.

Please come to Campbell House and use the back entrance (follow signs to Programs and Tours entrance at the rear of the House). Parking is available at the front of Campbell House but please walk around to the rear of the building to the Programs and Tours door to enter.

Ruthy and the family would love to see you, but be please be aware that Ruthy will be available only as her energy allows. We ask that you please respect these time frames and should you require times outside of these windows, please contact Charlie, Edie or Val directly (their email addresses are attached to this note.) You many also drop off a card at the Hospice, who will make sure Ruthy receives it and knows you are thinking of her.

If you would like to bring a snack on Monday or Tuesday please feel free, otherwise simply come for a visit to share your time.

With warmest thanks,
Janet Fairbridge (on behalf of the Gudaitis Family)

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