Yes ,we’re kayaking this summer.
The day which seems to avoid most of the conflicts is Thursday so we’ll be kayaking as a group on Thursdays.

Please contact Paul Douglas if you’d like to join the kayakers this summer at:

Paul’s Cell (705) 816-6456

It’s been a very weird start to the year and of course the weirdness isn’t soon coming to an end.
We are all hungering for some recreation and those of you are golfers are finding it to be a natural social distancing sport now that the greens are dry and clubhouses are essentially off limits.
Another reasonably self-distant activity will be this summer’s kayaking.
Rivers Yes, Shuttle Cars No
We are planning to return to the water as soon is practical and are allowed in the case of certain lake access points.
To keep the social distance the use of shuttle cars on the rivers will not be part of our practice for this year so we will need to be entering and returning to the same point on the rivers.
This will mean paddling upstream until we get tired or are stopped by a log-jam and then letting the rivers carry us back to the put-in point.
The lake access will be wherever we can put in but will include the harbour, and may, as we get stronger in the summer include a run out to the lighthouse.
The paddle from Lora Bay heading toward Meaford will also be on the list.
We will also be planning a few distance runs including the paddle from Go-Home Lake and perhaps into the bay at Massasauga Park and maybe the beach entry at Southampton to paddle around Chantry Island.
What we will avoid are places with difficult put-in locations where people will need some assistance.