It is time to reconnect!

Pick an activity, pick a day, pick a time and a fellow Probus member  to go with!


Now that we are in Stage 3 we would like to encourage and assist our members to re-engage with each other for social and physical activity, at a pace that reflects individual readiness to get out of the “cocoon” in a safe way.


You are invited to sign up for one or more of the following Contact Lists, to get out with like-minded members in groups of a size that fits your comfort level, possibly just two or three. Use the lists to arrange a date and time  to get outside and stay active.


Sign up lists available:

Town Walk

Easy Hike

Easy Bike

Easy Kayak

Coffee Club


Contact Peggy Sturch at to have your name, email address and telephone number put on one or all of the activity sign up groups.

I will mail the lists out to those that have signed up on each list and you take it from there.

Have fun!