Owen McBride – Hall of Famer

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November 8, 2018

Owen McBride

Mariposa Folk Foundation Hall of Fame

Dear Owen

I am extremely pleased to inform you that the Mariposa Folk Foundation Board of Directors has elected you for induction into the Mariposa Folk Foundation Hall of Fame.

The mandate of the Foundation is the preservation of folk art in Canada through song, story, dance and craft. Induction into the Hall of Fame is reserved for those individuals who have demonstrated long-term dedication and commitment to the betterment of the Mariposa Folk Foundation and the preservation of folk in Canada. Who better exemplifies that than you do!

Your contributions as a performer of Irish folk and spoken word artist contributed to the folk revival movement in Canada and North America. Your many, many appearances at the Mariposa Folk Festival are a testament to your accomplishment and reputation as a folk artist and have made you a perennial favourite at the festival.

The induction ceremony will take place at the Mariposa Folk Festival July 5 – 7, 2019. The exact day and time of the ceremony is yet to be established. We may request you to do a video interview which will be displayed on the Main Stage monitor at the time of the induction ceremony.

If you could let me know that you have received the email and plan to attend it would be appreciated. I will get back to you with further details as they become available.

I expect that the success of this year’s festival will surpass previous festivals and look forward to your participation and well deserved recognition. Congratulations!



Pam Carter
Mariposa Folk Foundation President