Last week we hiked around the Nottawasga Bluffs 4.5 km trail in wonderful fresh snow.  Nick Baker did a great job blasting a new trail for us…hence the nickname of the speed demons (by Dunc).


Next week we will do a trail closer to Collingwood.  It is the 5 km in-out trail through the Petun Conservation area.  Some of you may remember the steep 120 ft vertical climb up the road, that we did at the start of the trail in other years. This year we have found a gentle climb up the mountain that goes through the forest and up through a crevice….very pretty and not as hard!  The trail is flat once we are at the top of the ridge and we follow along the ridge to a lookout over Collingwood (above Osler).


Hope to see you. We leave Canadian Tire Parking lot at 9:30 am SHARP.  Snacks/coffee at Journey’s Blend after the snowshoe.



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