Mountain View Probus

Thank you to all of our volunteers for everything you  do for our Probus community!
Without you, we would not have the
outstanding variety of events and activities to
participate in.

77 Volunteers

12 Activities

18 Special Events

9 Monthly Socials

2019 2020 Management Team

President – Paul Douglas

Past President – David Heaslip

First Vice President – Andja Martynuik

Second Vice President – Jim Theobalds

Treasurer – Don Godfrey

Secretary – Dennis Butcher

Membership Chair – Ingrid McLeod

Webmaster and Communications -Adrian O’Connor

Speakers Chair – David Sturch

Social Chair – Peggy Sturch

Member at large – Bob Royce

Social Committee

Laurie Neweduk, Peggy Sturch,  Bridget Schmidt, Maureen Baker, Susan Theobalds, Gail Ellis, Judy Lake, Andree Rinella, Anni Douglas, Diane Woodbeck, Sue Charman, Shirley Jones, Pat Carr

Speakers Committee

David Sturch, Hal Keiser, Charlie Gaudaitis

Care Bears

Margorie Wilson, Dorte Hawker

Audio Visual & Photography

Duncan Bristow

Travel Club

Bob Baker


Bob & Maureen Baker

Linda  Haldenby

Mark Hord & Ralph Bauer

Canapies & Conversation

Chris Keiser


Barb & Andy Hims

Cheryl & Warren May

Chris & Hal Keiser

Audrey Nielson & Bill Hebburn

Chris Cable & Paul Bartolo

Pat & Cam Pinkerton

Monthly Socials

Happy Hour – Grace Delavoye & Shirley Boake

Ladies Luncheon -Susan Theobalds & Diane Woodbeck

Canapes & Conversation –Chris Keiser

Eurche – Bob Phillips

Book Clubs – Darlene Tranquada, Nancy Godfrey,  Adrian O’Connor, Janet Baker, Andja Martynuik

Women’s Circles – Jane Walker


Special Events

Miller Dairy Tour – Gail Ellis

International Peace Day Dance – Helen Peacock, Ralph Bauer, Charlie Gudaitis

Dickey Bee Honey Tour –Andja Martynuik

Ladies Fashion Swap – Debbie Bullock, Liz Bauer, Dorte Hawker, Carole Moon-Thompson, Andja Martnuik, Annie Eleveld, Suzanne Olejnik

Honda Plant Tour – Diane Woodbeck

Home Studio Tour – Laurie Neweduk, Len Bevan, Pat Carr, Jane Fleetwood-Morrow, Don May, Francis Murphy, Maggi Olson, Maureen White

Gaslight Theatre Tour – Judy Lake

Christmas Card Making – Linda Skeries

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner – Peggy Sturch

Ladies Spa Day – Judy Lake & Gail Ellis

Fused Glass Workshop & Reveal Parta – Laurie Neweduk & Pat Carr

Sainte Marie Among the Hurons – Susan Theobalds

Coral Works – Bridget Schmidt

Ladies Christmas Luncheon – Susan Theobalds

Christmas Dinner/Dance – Peggy Sturch, Gail Ellis, Susan Theobalds, Maureen Baker

Mixed Billiards & Wings Evening – Jim Theobalds

Full Moon Snowshoe – Anni Douglas, Dale Bristow, Bridget Schmidt

St Patrick’s Dart Night – Steve Hawker & Mike Martynuik



Bowling Night – Diane Woodbeck

Travel Trivia Night – Sue Charman, Maureen & Bob Baker

Ladies Fashion Swap – Debbie Bullock

Art Classes – Sue Charman,

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner – Peggy Sturch

Golf Tournament – Bridget & Terry Schmidt

Kings Warf Theatre – Judy Lake


Men’s Darts – Steve Hawker & Mike Martynuik

Ladies Darts – Nancy Godfrey & Laurie Neweduk

Billiards – Jim Theobalds

Ski Legends – Fran & John Holden

Cross Country Skiing – Sue Bates & Jerry King

Snowshoeing – Dale Bristow

Take it Easy Snowshoe – Paul & Anni Douglas

Camera Club – Adrian O’Connor, Andy Hims, Rachel May

Mahjong – Michele Richter

Kayaking – Paul & Anni Douglas

Biking – Kim & Michael Racioppa

Probus Golf Society – Bob Phillips