Dean Collver
Director, Parks Recreation, & Culture
Town of Collingwood

Since arriving in Collingwood in late 2014, Dean feels fortunate to have been able to participate in such impactful programs as the 2016 Waterfront Master Plan, acquisition of the Collingwood Sailing School, expansion of the Collingwood Marina, the construction of the Awen’ Gathering Circle, and the nearly completed PRC Master Plan. He believes that the Town of Collingwood is incredibly fortunate to have an excellent staff working group in the department of Parks, Recreation, and Culture, and he feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with these people.

Graduating from McMaster University in 1994, Dean followed a career path filled with an eclectic array of destinations including Hospitality Management Consulting, Event Development and Management, Sports Marketing, Corporate Communications, Media Sales, Sport Business Management, Sports and Entertainment Facility Management, Concert and Entertainment Promotion, Management of Athletic Facilities, and finally, the public sector and directorship of Community Services, Parks, Recreation, and Culture.

Although diverse, Dean feels that his broad range of experiences have accumulated to provide a solid foundation for his work here at the Town of Collingwood. He has found that his role requires an entrepreneurial approach, the understanding of a vast range of interests within the community, strong business acumen, a strong belief in the value of communication, and an understanding of the municipal process.