After much discussion and due to the increase of COVID #’s, plus the concern expressed by Probus members all planned events and activities will be cancelled until at least January.

The social committee will meet in December to assess the COVID situation and to decide whether to proceed with any new events or activities. Planned events that allowed for small groups such as Pottery Classes, Winery Visit, Historic Town Walk, Full Moon Hike/Snowshoe or Spring Hike with Outdoor Fire Event, Guess Who’s Going Out for Dinner or Coming to Dinner will all be discussed at the December meeting.

We will continue to send out the Let’s Get Going Contact Lists monthly when names are added to the list. In the November and December Newsletter Let’s Get Going will invite interested members to sign up for new contact lists for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or downhill skiing with a friend. These lists allow you to contact just one or two people to participate in an outdoor activity.

Please have a safe and happy Fall.

Your Social Committee is thinking about all of you!