Welcome to September! The garden is in full bloom with the fall flowers starting to blossom, the leaves have just a hint of the beautiful colours to come.  September always makes me feel like I should be starting something new, the feeling probably comes form school days when we were excited to get back to learning and seeing friends, we had not seen over the summer holidays.

This September, after glorious summer weather, we should be getting back to all the activities of Probus that we all enjoy but this year will be a bit different.  We do have small groups doing some ‘social distancing’ outdoor activities and hopefully you have signed up with Peggy Sturch to participate in one or more of these activities.  We will probably also be doing more “Zooming” for groups such as Book Club or is Zooming for meetings a possibility?  The Management Team is considering all options.

In the meantime, enjoy each day in which ever way suits you best.