Joanne Pineau is a highly skilled and experienced Yoga Therapist based in Thornbury. Her training, education and skills far surpass those of the average yoga teacher, and includes a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, physiology, and psycho-spirituality from both the eastern and western traditions. She has been a yoga teacher & therapist for over 20 years and has more than a 2000 hour of yoga teacher and yoga therapy training, including specialized training in pain management, anatomy and physiology for back pain and pelvic health and for cardiac and cancer recovery. Joanne also has an honors degree from the University of Western Ontario in Biology.

Joanne sees clients privately one-on-one in her home studio in Thornbury where she also teaches small weekly classes for spinal health, functional aging and postural improvement. Her specialty is spinal health which includes low back pain, kyphosis (or rounded upper back), sciatica, posture and stress.
Website: www.InnerJourney.